Concerts on Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th June 2000


The Lowry

Narrated by Robert Powell

Conductor Barrie McKinnon
Leader Jon Henderson

Featuring the University of Manchester Precinct Opera Singers

Tamino, An Egyptian Prince - Peter Clements

Pamina, Daughter of the Queen of the Night - Joy Naylor

Papageno, A birdcatcher - Ray Peake

Sarastro, High Priest of Isis and Osiris -Stephen Foster

The Queen of the Night - Rachel Luxon

Monostatos, A Moor, servant of Sarastro - Anthony Osborne

First Lady - Mary Winter-Jones

Second Lady - Jennifer Heslop

Third Lady - Marjory Gray

The Speaker - Maurice Rushby

Papagena - Kateriana Fenech

Two Armed Men - Nick Cooper,
Frederick R Purslow

Two Priests - Maurice Rushby,
Frederick R Purslow

Three Genii - Mary Winter-Jones,
Jennifer Heslop,
Marjory Gray


Supported by

HHS Trading (UK) PLC

United Northwest Co-op Funerals

The North West Auto Centre 

Trident Manufacturing

The City of Salford


First Violins
Jon Henderson
Christine Clarkson
Vincent Raymond
Denise Doyle
Geoff Lomax
Elspeth Reynolds
Don Bayliss
Cemil Egeli
Robert Clack
Second Violins
Tim Edge
Dave Clarke
Sally Peake
Heidi Johnson
Ian McKay
Simon Caplin
Rachel Aspinall
Fiona Leach
Helen Warburton
Liz Capron
Claire Postlethwaite
Jackie Fisk
Ian Ward
Kay Thomas
Caroline Webb
Marie Carr
Denise Beyon
John Eaton
Gordon Sherrard
Dave Collins
Sandra Jonckheere
Pat Goulcher
Lee Carr
Paul Hickman


Matthew Owens
Georgie Simpson
Trevor Marshall
Rosemary O'Farrell


Godfrey Stafford
Denis Carvill
Nicola Edwards
Ann Marie Holmes
Martin Somers
Fran Doyle
Geoff Thomason
Richard Fairbank
Chris Kearton
Peter Thickbroom
Austin Ralphson
Rory McLoughlin
David Martin
Bass Trombone
James Routhnie
Irene Molin
Irene Molin