Concert on Sunday 21st July 2002

Peel Hall, Salford University

Conductor Barrie McKinnon
Leader Jon Henderson
Soloist Angela Rowley


Suppé    Morning Noon and Night Overture

Ernest Tomlinson    English Folk Dances Suite

Richard Strauss    Four Last Songs

Ernest Tomlinson Little Serenade

Schubert    Symphony No 5


First Violins
Jon Henderson
Christine Clarkson
Denise Doyle
Ian MacKay
Hanah Goodchild
Tim Jones
Frank Lennon
Mary Anderson
Second Violins
Joanne Mellody
David Clarke
Sally Peake
Heidi Johnson
Fiona Leach
Amanda Rafferty
Ian Ward
Jackie Fisk
Kay Thomas
Robert Clack


John Eaton
Gordon Sherrard
Lee Parker
Peter Lyons
Pat Goulcher
Derek Hodgkiss
Dave Collins


Keith Hyde
Malcolm McAllister
Gladys Williams
Trevor Marshall
Rosemary Williams
Alan Decker

Godfrey Stafford
Sarah Birchall
Denis Carvil
Elaine Williams
Ann Dale
Angela D'Arcy

Clair Percival


Cor Anglaise
Martin Somers
Andrew Taylor
Victoria Collier
Geoff Thomason
Alan Saunders
Peter Thickbroom
Chris Thorp
Carol Williams
Dave Collier
Bass Trombone
Richard Birchenough
Irene Molin
Peter Williams
Chris Preece
John Russell
Bass Clarinet
Maxine Molin




Concert   Feedback   1 - from Barrie McKinnon

A very enjoyable concert!  Overall the playing was very tight indeed and the orchestra produced some exciting moments. The overture was played with pace and confidence and provided a great start to the concert.  I really enjoyed the Tomlinson Suite - I suppose it's because I actually like the music - but we played this very well, with some excellent woodwind solo and ensemble quality.  Ernest really appreciated the performance - so that must be a good sign. 

The Strauss obviously provided the greatest challenge of the night - and we rose to that challenge. Some of the orchestra textures were quite superb with well controlled intonation. Balance was a problem in places but that was to be expected - overall a really great performance. 

After the rigours of the first half the band seemed to settle and relax during the Symphony.  This was very well performed with particular attention to dynamic change (we can do it when we want to!!) and was a fitting end to an excellent concert. 

In very general terms I was very pleased with the overall sound we produced on the night - some excellent string tone (especially in 'the middle') and some accomplished playing from the wind and brass. I was particularly pleased with the timps and percussion - our two young guest players are a credit to Irene's ability as a teacher and our two 'less young' players (Peter and Irene) were their usual excellent selves. So, well done to all and I look forward to seeing you on September 4th for some Dvorak, Brahms and Strauss.



Concert Feedback 2 - from a music lover

An expressive performance of Richard Strauss’ Four Last Songs was the highlight of a concert by the Salford Symphony Orchestra on Sunday. The renowned soprano Angela Rowley gave a moving account of this late-Romantic masterpiece, and the orchestra under their conductor, Barrie McKinnon, tackled the score’s lush harmonies and sweeping melodies.

The concert, given at the University of Salford’s Peel Hall, began with Franz von Suppé’s lively Morning Noon and Night Overture. The orchestra excelled in Ernest Tomlinson’s Suite of English Folk Dances, with good woodwind solos and lilting string tone.  The Rawtenstall-born composer of much light music for the BBC was present to hear this and his ‘Little Serenade’.

The last work in the programme was Schubert’s delightful 5th Symphony, enjoyed by audience and musicians alike.

Phil Johnstone